Ad Astra (ad_astra_x) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Ad Astra

Sales and Trades

[x] Fate stay the night folder/phone charms
[x] Death Note anime and live action merchandise
[x] Moonphase postcards
[x] Prince of Tennis Doujinshi
[x] Prince of Tennis and cinepuri trading cards/bromides and stickers
[x] Kimeru fanclub booklets
[x] D-Boys Wada Masato photo's
[x] Hiro Mizushima photobook
[x] Oguri Shun photobook
[x] Manga including FAKE and Gundam Wing
[x] Gravitation and Only the Ring Finger Knows text novels

Find it all here!

I will also accept trades for stuff on my wishlist. By all means take a look at my wishlist and make me offers even if you don't want to buy!
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