Haeven / Rae (haeven) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Haeven / Rae

Fool's Mate, UV, CDs & DVDs Galore

Hi ~

Just posting about my "For Sale" LJ: http://haeven.livejournal.com/5918.html

Pages upon pages of: Japanese Magazines (Fool's Mate, UV, Gigs, etc.), CDs/DVDs/VHS on Luna Sea, Gackt, J, Malice Mizer, Due le Quartz, X, Yoshiki, Raphael, Lariene, Despairs Ray, Larc, etc.

Special Sale: Buy 4 magazines or 4 CDs, get 5th (of equal/lesser value) FREE!

I am in the USA and ship W/W, Postal Money Order & PayPal accepted.

Use LJ or contact me via email at cybertokyo (at) hotmail (dot) com

Thanks for looking!!
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