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Manga, DVDs, Gothic Lolita Bibles, Shoes, and Apparel All on Sale

-Non-CC or CC Paypal preferred. E-checks accepted but item will not ship until your check has cleared!
-If you wish to pay via another form of payment, please PM me.
-All prices are inclusive of shipping and handling (unless stated otherwise) and Paypal fees.

-eBay: basementseller101 --
-My LiveJournal Feedback --
- LiveJournal bunbunmoon and digitailgurl can vouch for me as well (one lives near and the other lives with me!)

-All prices are inclusive of shipping and handling (unless stated otherwise)
-All items shipped within the U.S. ship with tracking
-International buyers - please inquire with item name and your country for shipping quote!
-Faster shipment is available (to U.S. and abroad) if you need something more quickly
-Items will be shipped out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from U.S. zip code 45242
-All items are carefully packed so that they will not be damaged in transit
-Insurance can be added for $2 in the U.S. and $3 for non-U.S. buyers
-Combined shipping discounts available if you buy more than one item

Postage Calculator:
(Ships from zip code 45242. Clothes generally under 1 pound. Shoes generally weigh up to 3 pounds.) You can change the country if you are international buyer to get a relatively accurate quote.

-First come, first serve. If you are inquiring about an item, I am assuming that you are thinking about purchasing it. If you fail to respond to an inquiry from me within 24 hours, you lose your claim on that item (if you won’t have access to a computer for that long, please let me know!). Holds can be placed for no longer than 48 hours. After I have sent you an invoice, you have 72 hours to pay it. After that time, you lose claim on the item and it will be relisted. I can be flexible if you let me know upfront that you either won't be able to respond or pay within the listed time frame.

If you want to buy something, please submit it in the following form:

Item Name:
Item Price OR Your Offer:
Your LJ Name:
Paypal Invoice Email:
Sending to different address than Paypal address? Yes or No
U.S. Zip code or Country:
How soon can you pay:
First Name of Recipient:

Please click on the thumbnails to view larger image. Thank you!

1. Dot.Hack, Legend of the Twilight Manga (1-3)
Condition: Bought new, read through once. Otherwise untouched.
Set: Was $20, Now $15 shipped in U.S.
Individual: Was $8, Now $6 shipped in U.S.

From LJ Sales

2. The Ring - Volume 1
Condition: Used (some wear to the cover) but otherwise in excellent condition
Price: Was $6, Now $4 Shipped in U.S. OBO

From LJ Sales

3. Ai Yori Aoshi - Season 1, Volume 1 and Season 2, Volume 2 (Enishi)
Condition: Used (watched a few times) but still in good condition. Some wear to the outer cover.
Set: Was $20, Now $14 Shipped in U.S. OBO
Individual: Was $12, Now $9 Shipped in U.S. OBO
From LJ Sales

Season 1, Volume 1:
Season 2, Volume 2:

4. Gothic and Lolita Bible Volume 1 or Volume 3
Condition: Brand New
Set: $32
Individual: $18
**Multiple copies available**
From LJ Sales

From LJ Sales

5. Hello Kitty T-Shirt - SOLD

6. Lip Service Grey Bondage Pants (U.S. Men'S Size 30)
Condition: Used, worn several times. Still includes straps. No rips or stains (very well taken care of).
Asking Price: Was $30, Now $25 Shipped in U.S. OBO

From LJ Sales

7. Black Mary Janes (Size 7)
Condition: Used, worn 3 times. Small scuff (see detail picture).
Asking price: Was $12, Now $10 shipped in U.S. OBO
From LJ Sales

Front View:

8. Any of the following: Was $4 shipped, Now $3 shipped in U.S. OBO
Condition: Brand New
- Pearl Earrings
From LJ Sales

- Pink Heart Bracelet - SOLD
- Blue Heart Bracelet - SOLD
- Clear Heart and Pearl Bracelet - SOLD
- Multi-color Beaded Bracelet with Pink Heart - SOLDle>
- Light Blue Princess Gloves (kid size)
From LJ Sales

Condition: Used, very worn but still have some life left in them.
- Black Glitter Ballet Flats (Size 7)
From LJ Sales

9. Any of the following: Was $8, Now $7 shipped in U.S. OBO
Condition: Brand New
-A Scanner Darkly
From LJ Sales

- Rainbow Six 3: the Black Arrow
From LJ Sales

- Fraggle Rock: Where it All Began
From LJ Sales

- White Patent Leather Ballet Flats with Gold Trim and Flower Pattern (Size 8) -Payment Pending
From LJ Sales

Condition: Like New (tried on once)
-Black Cyber Punk Wig with Black and Blue Pig Tails
From LJ Sales

10. Hot Topic belt - Black (distressed look) with 3 Rows of studs (silver/black) -- fits Men's Size 30.
-Picture available upon request.
Asking price: $15 shipped in U.S. or $5 with purchase of Lip Service pants

I have more items for sale:

Thank you for looking!!

dot.Hack manga
the Ring manga
Ai Yori Aoshi DVD
Hello Kitty T-Shirt
Lip Service Pants (and belt to go with it!)
Cyberpunk wig
White and Black Platform Patent Leather Mary Janes
White Petticoat
Ballet Flats

Come look! Will consider all offers and trades! Need to get rid of this stuff (live in small apartment and it doesn't all fit). Can ship to the U.S., Canada, and internationally.

Price Reductions Taken! Feel free to make an offer on anything!
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