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Haha Jrock, Kpop, CDS, Magazines etc


Got some more stuff up. I'm really in the need of cash so, If you're interested in anything please leave a comment or email me at bouncyizam@hotmail.com. I know there's many kpop things x.x if that's not allowed I'll fix the post.

Please OFFER a price (please be fair). Shipping will be determined by zip code. Please add 1.30 for insurance.

Non CC paypal, money orders and concealed cash accepted. Please send money AS SOON as you can. I'm in a bind and need the money asap so as soon as you can would be great and thank you.

Thanks so much ^^

**** NEW STUFF ****

Shoxx Feb 2003 Volume: 2

Shoxx July 2003 Volume: 7

Miyavi JIBUN KAKUMEI 2003 Single (silver cover)[ON HOLD]
Shazna Raseberry Time 3" single [ON HOLD]

Dong Bang Shin Ki: double sided Mickey poster. This is a special poster that came with the LA Photo Essay book.

Dong Bang Shin Ki: double sided Xiah poster. This is a special poster that came with the LA Photo Essay book.

This was a decorative extra that came with the Dong bang shin ki LA photo essay book. It's I'm assuming suppose to be hung up or displayied for decoration. It's double sided and in the shape of a cd or record.

Relisted stuff can be found at the following link.


Also this time around the items will go to the HIGHEST amount offered, I'm really sorry but like I stated I really need the money, sorry.

Thanks so much for looking ^^
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