Lisa (egnirys_deity) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I have these things for sale ^o^ And I also added pics to a few items that had none ^^ So.. check it out! :D

I can only accept the following as payment right now:
Money Orders

$10 each + shipping (your choice)

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
(This is what you get w/ the greatest hits. Two booklets and lyric sheets.)
1: Cranberry Soda by Ryuichi Kawamura
2: Promise Eve by Shazna
3: Gold Sun and Silver Moon by Shazna
4: Greatest Hits - Shazna (2 disc set w/ two booklets) - $15
5: Bastard Eyes by Zilch
6: Eden by Luna Sea {Hold.. I think ^^;}
7: Dwellers of a SandCastle by La'cryma Christi {On Hold}

$6 each + shipping (your choice)

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Vol 1
1: Ragnarok - Vol 1
2: Level - C (Yaoi)(EN) {Sold and Recieved}
3: Wolfs Rain - Vol 1
4: Gravitation 1 - 8 ($60, but I'm willing to haggle. Note: The 60 includes shipping and insurance. If you wish to pay less, you will have to pay extra for shipping and insurance^^;;)

$15 each + shipping (your choice)
Image hosted by

1: Saiyuki Vol 2
2: Gravitation, all episodes, $10 or obo, bootleg (Note: The subs are shitty >>; but if you understand Japanese, its good :D){On Hold}

$12 each + shipping (your choice)

Image hosted by
1: Dragon Rage (PS2)

$5 each + shipping (your choice)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
1: Plastic Tree
2: Die (Dir en grey {On Hold}

$15 each + shipping (your choice)
Image hosted by
Fools Mate - {On Hold}
Image hosted by
Shoxx - {On Hold}

I will trade on some items. The posters, game, and manga's (except Gravitation unless its something I REALLY want ^^;;).

Items I'm looking for: I like little things like pencil boards (Prince of Tennis (Fuji) and Weiss mainly), ANYTHING, I repeat ANYTHING Prince of Tennis (especially phone straps, keychains, stationary, posters, clear files, etc.) cute anime planners, etc XD
I am also looking for ANY "Loveless" DVD's if they are out yet ^o^
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