Kiradyn Rhiode (kiradyn_rhiode) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Kiradyn Rhiode

Kyou Kara Maou, Loveless, Ouran Host Club, Prince of Tennis Merchandise!!!

Selling a wide variety of fan merchandise from:

Kyou Kara Maou
Conrad/Wolfram Accessory Case
Conrad Coaster Tin
Wolfram Coaster Tin
Wolfram Mascot Badge
Panda Mascot Phone Strap & Cleaner
Sparkly Holofoil Halloween Character Tape

Clear Bookmark Set
Compact Mirror
Facial Blotters
Keyboard Cover
Butterfly Mail Guard
Trading Cards
Ritsuka Butterfly Ring Jewellery Set
Ritsuka Can Badge
Soubi butterfly Earrings Jewellery Set
Soubi Can Badge

Ouran Host Club
Hani-sempai's Bunny Plushie
Character Can-Drink Mascot Phone Cleaner Straps (Hani-sempai, Kaoru, Hikaru)
Coaster Tin A - Usa-chan
Coaster Tin B - Kuma-chan
Usa-chan Mail Guard
Cafe-style Memo Pad
Haruhi's Pass Case
Pocket Mirror

Prince of Tennis
Seigaku Flake Seal Set
Ryoma & Karupin Leather Keyring
J-Mini figurines (Fuji, Atobe)
Special Bromides (Jiroh, Momo/Kawa, Jiroh/Marui)

Bokura no Unsei Shitajiki
Gakuen Heaven Trading Cards (Triple Crown Version)
Hanakisou Trading Cards

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