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Lots of stuff has to go!

So I've got alot of stuff I need to sell, mostly manga, but also some CD's and DVD's. I would prefer if manga were bought as the entire series, but it's not a requirement. Same for DVD's, but again, not a requirement. Shipping prices will be calculated once I know where I'm shipping stuff to. I will ship to anywhere in the United States, Canada, or the UK (bear in mind that I live on the East Coast in the United States, so if you live in the UK or something and want to buy something, shipping might get a bit pricey). PayPal only please! To send a PayPal payment, use the email address fushigi[dot]na[dot]butterfly[at]gmail[dot]com (you can also contact me at this email address). Replace each of the words in brackets with their respective symbols. Payment must be made in USD, and must include the price of shipping.

All manga are $3 unless otherwise noted; all CD's are $10 unless otherwise noted; all DVD's are $10 unless otherwise noted; all VHS's are $2 unless otherwise noted; all magazines are $5 unless otherwise noted.

If there's something you're interested in, leave a comment. I will screen comments for everyone's privacy, especially since some comments may contain shipping information. You may also feel free to email me.

Crescent Moon, 1-6
Mahiru Shiraishi has an uncanny ability to bring good luck to everyone she touches- except herself. She's constantly haunted by a recurring nightmare that ushers her to a dreamworld. there, she encounters a tribe of demons- a werewolf, vampire, fox and bat- called the Lunar Race. Destiny calls when they need her help to recover their source of power, the stolen "Teardrops of the Moon." In this fantasy adventure, Mahiru must battle the rage between the human race and the Lunar Race, whose powers are awakened by the dark side of the moon.

This is a complete series. All of the manga have been read through only once and are in excellent bookstore condition. Click here for a picture

D.N.A.ngel, 1
Daisuke Niwa is an ordinary middle school student with an extraordinary genetic "condition." whenever he starts longing for the girl of his dreams, he transforms into the legendary Phantom Thief, Dark! The only way to lift the curse? To have his love returned, of course. But how can Daisuke win the heart of a girl he can't even romance?

This is the first volume of a fantasy manga series. It has only been read once and is in excellent bookstore condition. Click here for a picture

Guardian Angel Getten, 1-4
14-year-old Shichiri Tasuke is your ordinary junior high school student- well sort of. His life is a little lonely, since his family has left him alone at home while they go travel the world over, only occasionally sending letters and postcards. This lonely and uneventful life gets shaken up the day Tasuke receives the magical Shitenrin ring from his father in China. From out of this ring appears Shao Lin, the Guardian Angel Getten. She proclaims that she is here to protect her new master from all forms of danger and will stay by his side forever. But having been locked in the Shitenrin for hundreds of years, Shao knows nothing of the modern world. Sometimes it seems she causes more problems than she solves. Now, Tasuke must figure out how to handle this beautiful, naive and magical angel.

These are the first four manga in this series. They have only been read through once and are in excellent bookstore condition. Click here for a picture

Pita-Ten, 1-8
It's a hard-knock life for Kotarou. His father is always away on business, and his mother recently passed away. He spends a lot of time alone ... and he hates it. Maybe he can make good use of his solitude- his middle school exams are looming ahead, and he needs to buckle down and study hard. But his concentration- along with his loneliness- is shattered when a zany girl named Misha unexpectedly moves in next door to him. Soon, Misha starts cropping up everywhere Kotarou goes! Although she seems to have a stalker's mentality, Misha claims she's an angel. Her mission: To make sure Kotarou is happy and safe. That's a tall order, since Misha seems to know almost nothing about life on Earth!

This is the complete series. It has only been read through once and is in excellent bookstore condition. Click here for a picture

Princess Ai, 1-3
Take an amazing journey with a mysterious young woman searching for identity and salvation in this world and beyond. Ai finds herself lost on the cold, hard streets of Tokyo. She must piece together clues about who she is, why she's on Earth and the secret of the Heart-Shaped Box she carries. Sparks fly when Kent, a complicated young man, offers help ... and possibly more. But the forces of love and chaos are closing in around her ...

This is the complete series. It has only been read through once and is in excellent bookstore condition. Volume three contains a paper doll of Ai with three outfits. Click here for a picture | These are the paper dolls

Soul to Seoul, 1-3
Kai and Spike are best friends who share a common background: they are both half-Korean. Searching for identity in a world filled with intolerance, they feel uncomfortable even in their own homes because of their mixed heritage. Then they meet Sunil, a Korean foreign-exchange student, who leads them on a journey that is part self-discovery and all heart and soul ...

From the Far East to the cool New York City streets, award-winning manga-ka Kim Jea Eun has created a hot-blooded story filled with hip-hop flair, urban blight, and the power and passion of friendship.

These are the first three volumes of this series. They have been read through only once and are in excellent bookstore condition. Click here for a picture

Your and My Secret, 1
High schooler Nanako Momoi may be petite and adorable, but she is far from sweet- she is obnoxious, violent and has the table manners of a wild boar. Akira Uehara, a dainty, feminine boy, for some mysterious reason, has developed quite a crush on hr. After attempting to rescue Nanako from a mad scientist's peculiar experiment, the chivalrous Akira finds himself in the most unlikely of places- he's now in the body of Nanako and she is in his! Akira, the now dainty and feminine female, is desperate to get his body back, but there's a problem- Nanako is starting to enjoy life as a guy!

This is the first volume in this series. It's been read through twice and is in excellent bookstore condition. Click here for a picture


Buck-Tick: Cosmos
Track Listing
01. Maria
02. Candy
03. Chocolate
04. SANE
05. Tight Rope
06. idol
07. Living on the Net
08. Foolish
09. IN
10. Ash-ra

CD case and disc are in excellent condition; no scratches or bad tracks. Click here for a picture

Buck-Tick: Mona Lisa Overdrive
Track Listing
01. Nakayubi
03. Zangai -Shape2-
05. Mona Lisa
06. GIRL -Shape2-
07. Sid Vicious ON THE BEACH
09. Genzai
11. Ai no Uta
12. Continuous

CD case and disc are in excellent condition; no scratches or bad tracks. Click here for a picture

Mai Kuraki: Perfect Crime
Track Listing
02. Start in my life
03. Reach for the sky
04. Brand New Day
05. Stand Up
06. Come on! Come on!
07. always
08. What are you waiting for
09. think about
10. Tsumetai Umi
11. Reach for the sky GOMI REMIX ~Radio Edit~
12. Itsuka wa ano sora ni
13. The ROSE ~melody in the sky~

There are a few cracks on the front of the jewel case, but I think the front cover can be easily replaced with the cover from another case. The center piece that holds the CD in place is also broken, but the CD still sits inside the case pretty well. The CD itself is in excellent condition; no scratches or bad tracks. Due to the condition of the case, I will sell this CD for $5. Click here for a picture

Spiky: Spiky on the Way
Track Listing
01. Final Disgusted
02. Wishes
03. Little by little
04. Moon Beam Story
05. Together with

CD case and disc are in excellent condition; no scratches or bad tracks. Due to the brevity of the CD, I will sell it for $5. Click here for a picture


Argento Soma
Volume One: Another Reality
Contains episodes 1-5

Takuto Kaneshiro is a gifted young man. A student in metallurgy in college, he's something of a genius. He's got a sweet, lovable girlfriend. And he's got a lot of dreams for his future.

But one day, all those dreams will shatter. In a freak accident during a secret experiment, he will lose everything that's most dear to him. And following these events, he will even lose his sense of self.

After the accident, as he hovers between life and death, a mysterious man spouting Shakespeare offers him a chance to get what he now wants most: revenge.

Takuto Kaneshiro is dead. And from him, Ryu Soma is born. Now, working as a part of the anti-alien military unit FUNERAL, Ryu Soma is determined to get his revenge.

DVD case and disc are in excellent condition; no scratches. Click here for a picture

Burn Up W
On the Case and in your Face
Contains 4 episodes

Team Warrior is no laughing matter for the criminals of Neo-Tokyo. Led by the fearless Rio, this top-secret counter-terrorist force will stop at nothing to preserve the peace, or at least their version of it. From assault by bungee jump to giant mecha destruction, Rio, Yugi, Maki, and Lilica spare no extreme in the forging of their own brand of justice. Plagued by kidnapped virtual idols, financial woes and marginally restrained violent proclivities, the members of Team Warrior skate the edge of comic insanity to bring you Burn-Up W.

This is an English language VHS, and contains the whole series in 4 episodes. The tape and the case are both in great condition. Click here for a picture

Tablet 01: Orphans of the Apocalypse
Contains episodes 1-5

After a terrorist attack transforms the sky into a psychadelic mirror, society struggles to rebuild itself, and two powerful forces wage a secret, terrifying war.

Trying to restore order is Org, a tiny group of mutants with amazing powers. Controlled by a wealthy and powerful widow known only as "The Countess," they wait for their enemy to stir-- Gilgamesh.

A black leather-clad army of beautiful, mysterious beings, Gilgamesh bows only to Enkidu, the brilliantly dangerous scientist who seeks to finish the attack he began years before.

Caught between these warring factions? Two runaways. A brother and sister who hold the key to destroying the world-- or saving it. Dark, sexy, seductive, Gilgamesh is a tempting, Gothic thriller that will have you switching loyalties with each gripping episode. Follow the subtle clues and see if you can unravel the truth behind the mystery of Gilgamesh.

DVD case and disc are in excellent condition. This DVD includes a small temporary tattoo with the Gilgamesh symbol. Click here for a picture | This is the tattoo

Hand Maid May
Maid to Order (English language VHS)
Contains episodes 1-4

Nanbara is furious! Nanbara, the self-absorbed, pompous, overbearing villain of our show has always resented Kazuya, the constantly distracted hero, and developed a virus to exact his ultimate revenge. Unfortunately, "revenge" became an accidental delivery of a 1-foot tall cybord maid whose sweetness is only exceeded by her cheerfulness! Will Nanbara's schemes of revenge ever become realized? Will Kazuya be able to pay the $1,450,000 bill? Join May and our new cast of lunatics for a wild ride to explore the cutting edge of computer peripherals...

Product Recall (English language VHS)
Contains episodes 5-7

Cyberdyne pursues May's recall due to Kazuya's failure to pay the million-dollar invoice. However, thanks to Kasumi's kindness, Kazuya and May share some wonderful last-minute memories. Still, with Nanbara "assisting" Cyberdyne and the introduction of the mysterious Cyber-X, Kazuya's little troubles may become a full sized affair of the heart!

Memory Failure
Contains episodes 8-11

New arrivals threaten the stability of the Kasumi House! First comes a powerful typhoon which threatens to blow everyone away, followed by Nanbara's descendant from the future who proves that some behavior is genetic. However, the most threatening arrival is a virus that may destroy the Cyberdyne Dolls! Kazuya has less than 24 hours to find the secret to May's immunity if he is to save them all!

This is the whole series of this anime. Both the VHS's and the DVD (disc and case) are in excellent condition; no scratches. Maid to Order | Product Recall | Memory Failure

Magic User's Club
1: i'll follow you!
Contains episodes 1-2

When humanity was threatened by an alien force so powerful that all of Earth was left helpless, it became clear to anyone with any common sense at all that no one could ever stand against them. Luckily, our brave Magic User's Club doesn't have much of that. Earnestly clueless, Sae Sawanoguchi must challenge the most powerful force in the universe, keep up with her homework, and thwart the bouncing bust of the evil queen of girl's comic books, Miyama. In addition, the life of a normal high school student could never be complete without an army of shiny, invulnerable alien robots with inscrutable goals and unlimited firepower. Luckily for earth, the Magic User's Club is on the job. They are armed with Sae's enthusiasm, Nanaka's knack of botching magic at the worst possible time, club president Takakura's uncanny ability to interpret every situation as sexual, and club vice-president Aburatsubo's love of prancing around his fellow male students in a pair of tight tennis shorts. With all of this, it would be no wonder if the aliens just turned and fled immediately.

2: Magic is easy!
Contains episodes 3-4

An army of shiny, invulnerable alien invaders is threatening to dominate the human race. Not only that, but the members of the Magic User's Club, Takakura, Sae, Aburatsubo, Akane, and Nanaka are the only ones on Earth who can oppose them. This situation calls for drastic action, and the entire Magic Club is prepared. They're ready to get as far away from the aliens as possible and go relax on the beach. Then Miyama shows up, however, Takakura wonders if fighting aliens would be more relaxing. Takakura and Sae are roped into performing tricks for Miyama's beach party, and they end up starting history's first magically powered game of Truth or Dare.

These are the first two DVD's in this series. Both DVD cases and discs are in excellent condition. Click here for a picture

Mahoromatic (Automatic Maiden)
Combat Maiden
Contains episodes 1-4

Suguru's horrible cleaning skills have his friends calling his home the "haunted house," and being an orphan, he needs help! Enter Mahoro, a beautiful 19-year-old that catches bullets in her fingers, claims to be an android, and who wants to be his maid! Now, his school friends are suspicious and his well-endowed teacher is going over the edge with jealousy. How will he react when he discovers that Mahoro only has 398 days to live and has chosen him for a reason?

Haunting Past
Contains episodes 5-8

Mahoro joins Suguru on a nighttime "school assignment" to investigate the school's ghosts, but they quickly find more than they bargained for! Later, Mahoro is asked to perform the Dance of the Dead in the town festival, and while Suguru enjoys the festival for the first time since his father's death, his innocent evening with Mahoro may be cut short by a certain teacher ... Then, Mahoro's past has been concealed, but a new teacher arrives with a mission fro the malicious Saint organization: terminate Mahoro!

A Warrior's Fate
Contains episodes 9-12

For Mahoro Ando, knowing when she will die has given her an opportunity to live, and despite experiences that were painful or annoying at the time, Mahoro cherishes each and every memory. As Mahoro prepares for a final battle with Ryuga, one of Saint's top agents, she reflects upon her life and braces for a battle that may greatly accelerate her expiration. In situations as this, a year can literally feel like a lifetime.

This is the complete series. Disc two includes a paper doll of Shikijo-sensei. All the cases and discs are in excellent condition; no scratches. Click here for a picture | This is the paper doll

Mahoromatic (Something More Beautiful)
Maid in Training
Contains episodes 1-4

Just as life finally returns to "normal," a new girl shows up spying on Suguru. Who is she? Another combat android?! Who could she be working for? A new mystery besets our friends as Suguru and Mahoro try to determine whom this clumsy and shy android could be. In the meantime, Mahoro has adopted her as a little sister and a maid in training. Unfortunately, for our new maid, Minawa gets to experience Suguru's frenetic lifestyle, which includes Mahoro's plan for a larger bust-line ...

This is the first DVD in this series. The case and disc are in excellent condition; no scratches. Click here for a picture

Ranma 1/2
Initiation Nite
Contains 3 episodes

"Tatewaki Kuno, Acting Principal" The principal's off on an inspection tour, so he's appointed his son, Tatewaki Kuno, age seventeen, to take over in his absence. As they say, the coco-nutcase never falls far from the tree ...

"Howling at the Moon" Told the Tendo Dojo will lose its successor if he doesn't win, Ranma trains hard for an upcoming contest, to be held at night, and in heavy secrecy. But isn't "Kick the Can" another way to say "Kick the Ranma"?

"Nihao! It's the Jusenkyo Guide" He claims he's just on a "sight-seeing tour," but surely the Jusenkyo guide hasn't come all the way from China just for that. Could his surprise visit have something to do with the Jusenkyo Spring?

This is part of the Ranma Forever series of Ranma 1/2. The DVD case and disc are in excellent condition; no scratches. Click here for a picture

Ranma 1/2
Wacky Winter Wonderland
Contains 3 episodes

"A Xmas Without Ranma" As the Tendo family prepares for Christmas Ranma goes missing. Akane has to follow the trail that leads her to the usual band of characters, also in search of Ranma. Will Akane find Ranma in time to spend Christmas with him?

"A Cold Day in Furinkan" The cold weather brings an unnatural snowfall which covers the entire neighborhood around the Tendo Dojo. When Ryoga is attacked by a mysterious creature, Ranma and Akane head out into the cold to find out what happened. In their search, the two find the giant footsteps of a creature along with a mysterious little girl passed out in the snow. What is this unknown creature and what is its connection to the little girl?

"Akane Goes to the Hospital" When Akane falls from the balance beam during gym class and gets hospitalized, Ranma feels responsible. But he can't bring himself to apologize in front of others- and in the few moments when he does find the opportunity, things get mixed up, and he winds up fighting with Akane. While all this is going on, the other students and friends start holding a party in Akane's honor and Ranma can't seem to find the right time to apologize. What's Ranma to do?

This is part of the Random Rhapsody series of Ranma 1/2. The DVD case and disc are in excellent condition; no scratches. Click here for a picture

Ranma 1/2
Contains 3 episodes

"Curse of the Scribbled Panda" Ranma and the others visit an exhibit of cursed Chinese paintings at a local festival. During a scuffle over food between Genma and Ranma, the exhibit is crashed into and three scary monsters depicted in the paintings are unlashed upon the world! Two of the paintings depict traditional demons (which Soun, Happosai and Genma must fight), while the third demon- a very girlish demon- declares she won't go back into her painting unless Ranma takes her out on a date....

"Legend of the Lucky Panda" The Saotome School of Martial Arts is a harsh school indeed, and, according to Genma, the training never ends! Tumbling off a cliff one day and into a river, Genma (in prolonged panda form) finds himself deep in a rural, almost feudal Japanese village. There's Kanna, who's identical to Akane; Kotaro, who looks just like Ranma; not to mention Kuno and others! Can it be that Genma really is the "Lucky Panda" of local legend, or is it that he's more like a curse...?

"Mystery of the Marauding Octopus Pot!" Perhaps business and pleasure really shouldn't mix ... For Soun and Genma, an all-expenses-paid trip to a picturesque seaside village to combat a mysterious, marauding "octopus pot" mostly means the villagers have to pick up the tab for the two's all-you-can-eat sashimi. After Ranma is attacked by this somehow familiar critter, all three martial artists ponder: Who in the world could possibly fit into such a small space as a ceramic, octopus-catching crock? And even if they're right about the crook in the crock, can they capture it without also implicating themselves?!

This is part of the Random Rhapsody series of Ranma 1/2. The DVD case and disc are in excellent condition; no scratches. Click here for a picture


December 2006 issue

The magazine has been looked through a few times, but is in good condition. Click here for a picture

November 5, 2006 issue
Click here for a picture

November 20, 2006 issue
Click here for a picture

December 5, 2006 issue
Click here for a picture

December 20, 2006 issue
Click here for a picture

January 2007 issue
Click here for a picture

All magazines have been read through a few times and are in good condition. The November 5 issue has a small fold in the back, bottom corner of the page, but is in otherwise good condition.

February 2007 issue
Click here for a picture
This magazine has been read through a few times but is in good condition. It has a fold on the back page, but is in otherwise good condition.

Shounen Jump
December 11 issue
Click here for a picture
This has been read through a few times, and has a wrinkle on the back corner, but is in otherwise good condition.
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