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Stuff on ebay!! Anime, Jpop, Cosplay, Dollfie!!

Hey everyone. I've got a large number of things for sale on ebay and a bunch of stuff not listed on ebay yet. Email me for details at  Follow the link to my sales page on ebay for all items.

Some items for sale include anime Plush, production cels, Manga, artbooks, doujinshi and a few cosplay items.

A few other items i'm selling that are not listed on ebay are as follows (comment for pictures)

Animamundi Cosplay - St. Germant - Comes with the coat, vest, blue button down shirt and red cavet - $120
Digimon 02 Cosplay - TK/Takeru - Comes with the shirt, hat and shorts. Will also come with both Digimon plush if available - $100
Fruits Basket summer school uniform shirt - $20
Naruto Sasuke cosplay will include shirt, shorts, Kunai leg holder, belt pouch,  arm bands and kunai  - $50
FAKE - Randy "Ryo" McLain cosplay - comes with coat, shirt and tie - $75

Angell-Studio Cain in pinky skin, Face up done by [info]lachlana - $350 shipping included to the US (PLEASE email for more details and pictures on this boy)

Random stuff:
Newsmaker J-pop magazine Nov 2004 vol. Feat Hyde and Mika Nakashima - $10
yaoi artbook from unknown artist - $5
Fruits Basket Kyo Plush - $15
Set of 2 digimon 02 plushes (patamon and wormmon) - $30 for both
First run Inu Yasha  6" plushie from 2000 (mint condition) - $30
Set of 3 Naruto plush (2 sasuke's and one Gaara) - $30 for all three
DigiCharat Pyocola plush - $20
Card Captor Sakura Kero-chan poseable plush, very rare. Has moveable head, bendable wings and semi-poseable body. - $35
Final Fantasy 8 - Rinoa figure - $5
Sailor Moon and Queen Beryl 6" action figures - $10 for both



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