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In Need of Money, lots of Stuff!

So a debt I sort-of forgot about came back to bite me in the ass and now I am in need of money. I am  going through and selling a bunch of stuff I am not attached to.  Click the cut below for more info! More to come as I continue cleaning.

I do not personally own a camera but I will try to borrow someones camera to add pictures and more stuff soon.

Payment: I take Paypal (let me know the type), Money Orders, and Cash(At your own risk).I will hold things for one week, no longer because I need the money. 

Shipping: I will ship worldwide, although it may be rather expensive to ship outside of the US.

If you think my prices are unreasonable or you want to cut a deal for buying a bunch of stuff, then feel free to ask. I am willing to negotiate.


All Manga are gently read and kept neatly on a shelf, and probably have incured some shelfware. Overall they are all in great condition.

Chrono Crusade v,1    $5
Eerie Queerie V.1-2     $5 each, or both for $9
Full Metal Alchemist v.1-3     $7 each, or all for $19
Full Metal Panic! V.1-3 $6 each, or all for $16
(Moble Suit) Gundam Seed v.1  $5
Louis the Rune Soldier v.1         $5
Maniac Road v.1           $5
Mink v. 1,4                      $5 each or $8 for both
Musashi # 9 v.1            $5
One v.1                           $5
Redmoon v.1                $6 
Warcraft-Sunwell Trilogy
v.1 (Dragon Hunt)         $6


Anime DVD's

Most are used and may have light scratches, but they are all in working condition. Anything with a  * in front of it means it is opened but never watched

Angel Sanctuary            $5
Fake                                $5
FF:U V. 1                         $8
ROD the TV v. 3,5,6 $8 each or $21 for all 3
Orphen -The Soul Stealer (OAV?) $6
Petshop of Horrors            $5
Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers
w/Resersable Cover v.1    $5


Video Game Stuff

FFX Original Four Disk Soundtrack  $20
Oddworld: Abes Oddessy (PS1)       $4
Case is cracked but it and the manual are included
Fish Tycoon (DS)                                 $10
Inclueds Case and Manual


Other Stuff

How to Draw Anime and Game Characters v.2 Expressing Emotion $12

Avery helpful book, lots of good info. Has some sticker residue on the front that I will try to remove.
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