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Selling some of my stuff! :]

Hi everyone! I'm selling a lot of my old stuff, because my room is WAY too cluttered.

I'm selling:

- Jrock Magazines
- Newtype, Myojo, and a Japanese craft magazines
- Books
- CD's
- DVD's
- Language study material (Japanese and Chinese)
- Misc kawaii items (erasers, authentic Tokidoki figure, *unauthentic* Tokidoki pencil pouch)
- Corel Paint Shop Pro X



[x] I ship from Florida and unfortunately I only ship within the United States.

[x] I do combined shipping in most cases, but please remember that I can only fit so many magazines into an envelope. =P

[x] I ship via USPS (United States Postal Service)

[x] Prices DO NOT include shipping. I will give you a total once you list the item(s) you want. :]

[x] I only accept Paypal

[x] If you're interested in anything, please either comment here or email me at! =)

[x] I am more than happy to take additional pictures of an item if you'd like! Won't be the best quality though if you want something close-up, my poor Casio is off getting fixed and I'm stuck with my old Kodak. :(

Now, onto the items!



ALL MAGAZINES ARE $6, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE TWO ARENA 37, WHICH ARE $8. ALSO, THE NEWTYPE MAGAZINES ARE $4.50, AND THE MYOJO IS $8 All magazines are in good condition, but have been flipped through a few times, EXCEPT for the Shoxx with Plastic Tree on the cover. Some clippings have been taken out of it, therefore, the price is $3. Each Newtype comes with a free Newtype DVD, however, the DVD may not necessarily be the one that came with that particular issue. None of the JROCK magazines come with their posters, but, one of the Newtypes does. Purple Sky and ART are $6.00 each, and about 3-4 pages of ART were torn out when I first bought it, because they were a explicit.


Old, Japanese novel purchased from Japanese marketplace. The novel was old when I bought it, and is a bit worn and yellowed around the edges. $1.50

Japanese Button Craft Book, book jacket is a bit worn. $5 SOLD

Various college-life guides.
1001 Things Every College Student Should Know: $3

What They Don't Teach You in College: $5
College Rules!: $6


Red and White Love Hina Soundtrack: $9
Blue Love Hina Soundtrack: $9
.Hack Soundtrack: $7 *Mini Bonus disk may or may not work, it depends on your computer, however, main CD does work*


Weiß Kreuz Boxset: $10 SOLD
Miyavi DVD (various music videos): $8 TRADED

Study Material

Chinese language instruction books.
Read and Speak Chinese for Beginners (the bigger workbook)DOES NOT COME WITH CD, I LOST IT. Sorry!: $5.00
Smaller book, Teach Yourself Chinese, a bit worn around the edges: $5

Japanese Language Proficiency Exam study workbooks (in ALL Japanese)
$8 a piece

Hand-made by me (As seen on my deviant art)

All plushies are $5 a piece, or three for $12
All charms are $2 each Please note that they have not been coated with glaze paint.

Misc Items

Erasers are .25 a piece. TRADED
The Nyanko pin is .25
The AUTHENTIC Tokidoki dog and monkey (they come together, bought from Urban Outfitters): $3 TRADED
The weird rainbow thingy with the face xD (bought from Urban Outfitters): $4.00

$5 UNAUTHENTIC, as in NOT REAL TOKIDOKI, but look alike Tokidoki pencil pouch. Used lightly, but kept in very good condition. TRADED

Rilakkuma notebook: $1.50

Ceramic (I'm assuming) cupcake plate. :] Never eaten off of, bought it as a decoration. $5.00

Various mini notebooks. Please note that a page or two may have been removed.
Larger notebook: $3
Medium notebook: $1.50
Smaller notebooks: $1.25 a piece

Rikku's (From FFX-2) weapon. Bought at anime convention four years ago. As far as I can tell, they're made out of wood and have been spray painted. As you can see, because they're a few years old, the paint around the edges is bit black and worn. $10

$35 Corel Paint Shop Pro X, has been installed on a computer once, so it should still work just fine being installed again. Serial number is included, as you can see.
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