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I am looking for Japanese Newtypes with all their goods included(Furoku is what they are called i believe )
Mainly searching for 2008 issues .

Also Looking for LOVELESS Goods (NO English books or Dvds.) Looking for certain Japanese editions) & other Yun Kouga Stuff Maybe

And Works by Sumomo Yumeka also Known as Mizu Sahara: books,(in English or Japanese ,Books with the color inserts only ) goods, And whatever else

No outrageous Prices please I want to buy from here to give people a chance to sell their things to me before i buy from a retail store :)

-Mainly looking to buy from US Or Canadian sellers Cause shipping will be a little easier on the pocket book ,But contact me anyway if you are from somewhere else.
-I Can pay by non cc Paypal or money order
-When you comment please post a picture(s)of it.
- Measurements in inches or cm would be great too so I know how big it is
( except for magazines I know how big those are XD)
-I have feedback both as a buyer & seller here if that helps:
-Don't get mad If i decide not to buy your Item It Just Means It Didn't Appeal to me or i already have it :)
-You Can Also Email me if you don't want to leave a comment here or send me a PM: Weisskreuzlover1at yahoo dot com

Tags: magazines, manga: english
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