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L'Arc and hyde stuff for sale ASAP!!!

Hi guys, I am in neeed to sell my stuff because I am trying to get rid of my old stuff in my room which I no longer want... so maybe there are better fans of Laruku/hyde who would love to get these from me. Please take a look. Everything is in great/excellent condition as far as I know... and someone really buy this calendar/posters of 666 HYDE from me. XD

L'Arc~en~Ciel $13
[no image]
Hitomi no jyuunin
Like new and comes with original wrap and obi. I barely used it since I uploaded the songs. That's about it! So it's basically BRAND NEW.

[no image]
L'Arc~en~Ciel Planner $35
Like new, never used, sold out authentic planner! This item is rare and hard to find without being USED. It has only been opened from original wrap, but all the pages are brand new and no writing. Comes with pictures of each member and original paper. Definetly a steal!

[no image]
L'Arc~en~Ciel B~Pass Exclusive Tour 2004 $30
Mint condition, rare magazine for Laruku's SMILE tour in Japan. It shows their favorite foods, interviews, pictures, and tour/stadium arenas. This magazine is only for L'Arc.

What's In? HYDE December 2003 Start: USD 20
Interview and photage of HYDE for his CD 666 during Christmas time. Includes mini fold out poster from the cover of the magazine. In great condition!

[no image]
HYDE 2004/2005 CALLENDAR! Start: USD 50
This is a NEW, never been used callendar dated back from 2004~2005. It is from his 666 photoshoot. There are 12 giant posters of him too. This item can be used as a poster since it's not much of a callendar/ or a collector's item. The shipping rate varies for this item and can only be shipped by itself. It cannot be combined with any other products unless it is small paper items.

L'Arc~en~Ciel THICK Book "L'Arc~das" Start: USD 70
This exclusive book is a thick book which contains information on L'Arc~en~Ciel (from their beginning days to their days up til 99) from their history, profiles, merchandise, lives and very random information about themselves... like hyde liking Harry Potter...? And if you know about them and their 'n'... lol Just check out some of the cool pictures made by their artist... and it has some info on Sakura too. There's a front with their merchandise in color and the rest is in black and white. If you know the Larku~chi, it's in here! Very rare and fun book you'll enjoy reading or looking at.

L'Arc~en~Ciel OFFICIAL Sticker Set Start: USD 10
Set of unused perfect stickers from Japan featuring all the members of L'Arc. Very very cute and nice pictures to stick all over your binders. hehe ^_^ (I wish I used tetsu's haha. He looks so cute!)

Shipping to the US is $6 unless it's something BIG or two or more items... I can ship outside of the US too but the price will be more. You can check my LJ to see my feedback... and other things I am selling like h.NAOTO, etc.

Please email me at and subject to Livejournal L'Arc.

Thank you very much. I accept PAYPAL, money order only for right now...
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