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Lots of Posters!!!! Utena, Dollfies, Death Note, Saiyuki, Card Captor Sakura Detective Conan

Just a reminder, I have Negima manga, Sailor Moon cards and Anime sound tracks for sale on ebay. All my items will end soon so please check them out soon! Most don't have bids yet.

All posters are $8 unless stated differently. They are all brand new and have never been hung. I purchased them last year while I was traveling around Asia, so they came from either Japan or Hong Kong (I can't remember which ones I bought where).

Shipping for 1 or more poster(s) is $5. I can ship as many as you would like together. At this time I only take Paypal and will only ship to the US.

1. Death Note/ Detective Conan two sided poster 17in x 23in

2. Misa (Death Note) poster 17in x 23in


3. Saiyuki poster 17in x 23 in

4. Card Captor Sakura 17in x 23 in

5. Dollfie poster #1  17in x23in

6. Dollfie poster #2  17inx23in

7. Laminated Utena movie poster 21 1/2 in x 15 1/2 in - $10

Tags: collectibles, manga: english, music: other
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