Shelly (yoshinya) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Michi No Sora-Lida Costume for Sale: Psycho Le Cemu

Hey everyone!

I thought I would post this here for the fans to have a chance before I put it up on e-bay. I started on the Michi No Sora costume for Lida a while a go. Well....I never got back to it...and now I just don't have the time or desire to finish it. I have links to pics of all the stuff I have. Basically just looking for a best offer. So reply if your interested.

This is the belt I bought. I got a large so that it can be worn around the hips just like his. Not exact replica...but pretty similar.

The wig...w/ curled ends. You can see the back view in the mirror.

Matching mustache and goat-tee to wig. It is made out of the same synthetic hair.

Material for the costume: Consists of gold and yellow Pvc vinyl and gold posh lining for the inside of the jacket.

The Pants w/ a starting of the trimming on the one leg. I do also have all the trimming for the pants, jacket as well as buttons.

Side-view of the pants

The loafers...very comfortable and never worn. They are a size 8.

White leather w/ a little stretch. Bought this to make the gun holster and gauntlets/gloves.

That's it. Any other questions...feel free to ask.
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