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I got in way over my head with one of my manga orders, and I do NOT have space for these titles because I've got another 20+ order coming in! Please help me out! I can only accept concealed cash, please just help me get this crap out of here! I can't post pictures, but these are all in excellent condition unless mentioned otherwise.

Trigun Maximum 1-7: $30
Scryed 1-5: $15
Tokyo Mew Mew 1-5: $20 (These have minor sun stains on the outside of the page, so only visible when you look at the closed book)
Sailor Moon Super S volume 1- This is a Tokyopop manga from their "Mixx" pocket book series. Make me an offer. :)
FAKE 1-2, $8
Cowboy Bebop 1-3: $10 (Some shelf wear on 1 and 3, volume 2 has creases on the front cover- I purchased these from another seller)

Head on over here for info about shipping!
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