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Hi there! I still have a LOT of goods to sell, all of them brand new and ready! One of my most recent posts is a handmade Strawberry OP that is perfect for FRUiTS style fashion (no pun intended!), Decora, or possibly casual Lolita. It was meant to be a cosplay but it is too large (for me)!

Follow the cuts for all of my sales! Arigatou~

Konbanwa minnasan~

Here are the basic points!

*Please comment here to purchase an item you would like.

*All items are in Like New condition unless otherwise noted.

*Prices do not include shipping; please comment with your postal code for a quote.

*US Buyers preferred. I will ship international, but the buyer must pay the difference in price.

*I will accept concealed cash, though PayPal is my preferred method.

*I will HOLD for TWO DAYS maximum unless a downpayment is made.

And all the Extra Points!

*I am currently holding a Special: Free US Shipping for all purchases $20 or more.

Here we go~!
 New! Handmade Ichigo Print OP!

(Does not come with ribbon or purse.)

I made this to cosplay as Miwako Sakurada from Paradise Kiss. It ended up being too large (size 12-14 US), but I pinned it in and wore it for the day. It is well finished and I have recently re-done the hem with new white cotton lace. It would look adorable with a blouse underneath or all on it's own!

I would like $75 for this OP please, or BEST offer.

Adorable cherry print skirt that was handmade, but not by me. The waist is elastic and the skirt will come with a detachable waist ribbon that is super cute! Can be lengthened by adding a petti underneath.

Only $12!

Nekomimi with ribbons and pearl draping

Super kawaii and unique items, ideal for cosplay, maid, decora, or even possibly Lolita styles! Bought at a convention, brand new condition, though I never wear them. They need love~!

Asking $15

Fuschia Ichigo Socks

Bright and unique! Again, perfect for Decora styles or even Lolita. They are a Japanese brand that is nto available in the states. The polkadots are a nice touch, don't you think? Only worn once.

I would like  $8 for the set, please! :3

Left to Right:
Japan Ai: A Tall girl's Adventures in Japan
List price: $16
My Price: $8
An awesome, entertaining and colorful adventure covering all the points a true Japan, BJD, Lolita and Cosplay lover would dream of. One of my favorites but I never read it anymore.

Confessions of a Part Time Sorceress
List Price: $15
My Price: $7
A book one of my D&D Playing ex-boyfriend bought in an attempt to get me started. Need I say more?

Rozen Maiden
List Price: $9.99
My Price: $5
I never bought the rest of this series since I got hooked on Loveless, so this is just taking up space on my shelf. Cute artwork, funny story with a creative twist of Magic and Fairy tale in a modern setting.

Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation
List price: $24.99
My Price: $12
A comprehensive biography on hayao Miyazaki that chronicles his early days as an in-betweener, to his most recent classics. It is a rare book that I had a difficult time trying to find for a school project.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vol. 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days, Vol. 2
I love Evangelion but never read these anymore. I was not able to find Volume 1 of Angelic Days at the store. I will sell these for $10 together or $6 each. I just don't want them anymore! >o<

Official "Death Notes"
Never used! They invlude "Light Yagami's Notes" and the "Rules" on the inner cover and first few pages. Perfect for the die-hard fan, noly sold at Conventions! Only one still has the box. I would like $7 each for these. (I paid $20 each for them at a con.)

ONE SOLD (With Box)

DVD's: Death Note Volume Two, and L'arc~en~Ciel LIVE at the Baltimore Mariner Arena. $7 for Death Note (I've had my fill of the series), and $15 for the Laruku DVD. I have sold the light-up novelty pen that came with the Live DVD.

Fresh FRUiTS
List Price: $29.99
My Price: $15 OBO

This book is fascinating and like new; I have carefully read it through so many times I have practically memorized it. Hundreds of pages of some of the most bizzarre street fashions from Japan.

Wall Scrolls! Bought at anime conventions. Both have never been hung and have all their original, vibrant coloration. I would like on $5 each for these since they will be awkward to ship.

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