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Blood single for sale

Due to a cease of interest in this band, I am selling my BLOOD: [Blind/Morphine] Maxi-single. It's in really good condition, purchased about a year ago from http://Jpophouse.com, but I never really listened to it. The only faults I can think of are A) the peg-thing that the CD rests on is broken, due to Jpophouse's terrible shipping conditions, and B) The cover of the CD is kind of scratched, but not really noticably - again, a la Jpophouse's shipping.
Please contact me if you are interested. I want to sell this for about $7-$10, which is $8-$5 less than I paid for it. Paypal or money order is preferred. Email Lil80sRockrbaby@aol.com or comment if you are interested - thank you!
(Terribly sorry I have no pictures of the single - but I can assure you there are no other faults than the ones listed)

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