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Jrock & Visual-kei Music Sale!

I'm in dire need of money at the moment, so I was wondering whether anyone would be interested in the purchasing the following Jrock/Visual-kei items:


Making of Eliza PV - Excellent condition, only watched once. US$8.
Innocent Teens (single) - Excellent condition, only listened once. US$8.
Nectar (single) - NEW, still in plastic. US$8.
Mijin Kakumei - Saishu Kakumei Yokoku 1229 (2004 Concert DVD) - Good condition. US$15.
Roman Kokuhaku FINAL (2005 Concert DVD) - Good condition. US$15.

Authentic Signed Photosets - Ask if you're interested and I shall show you photos! Will be sold in a set of 5. Price will be around US$10-15, depending which set you pick!

I also have a special limited edition Vidoll poster that came with their CURE dvd. It's NEW and still in its original wrapping, so if you're interested, please ask! I will probably sell it for US$10.

Other Undercode Projects/Bands
Making of Mikansei to Guilt PV (Phantasmagoria) - NEW, still in plastic. US$8.
Hakumei PV DVD (Kisaki Project feat. Jui) - NEW, still in plastic. US$10.

Utada Hikaru - Exodus (album) - Excellent condition, only listened once. US$10.
High Style Pradox Special ~Rare Track Condition~ (features bands like 12012, Vidoll, etc) - NEW, still in plastic. US$8.
Ayumi Hamasaki - & (single) - Excellent condition, only listened once. US$5.

If you would like to see photos, please comment and I shall take some for you! Prices can be lowered, but please be reasonable.

* Only PAYPAL will be accepted and immediate payment is preferred.
* All prices are in American Dollars.
* All items will be shipped from Australia, so if you live there, then obviously the shipping will be cheaper for you!
*Items will be shipped first thing the next morning, unless it's a weekend.
* Prices can be lowered if you're buying multiple items! Make a deal! :)

Thank you for your time and please help a poor uni student out!

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