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Price Slashed on Most Items!
JE Magazine / Cut Out / Mini Poster / Photo
Doujinshi / Gintama, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter, PoT
Other / Goong DVD / J-Drama, CD, / Movie DVD

General Info:

Everything is priced in USD, shipped from United States.
All sales are final.
Shipping is not included in the price unless otherwise stated.

Accepted Payment Method:
Paypal Preferred
! Will accept Postal Money Order & Concealed Cash(at your own risk)
- Payment via Paypal must be cleared within 7 days. Transfer fee applies.
- Payment via PMO or Concealed Cash must be postmarked within 4 days and received within 10 days.
* No Bank or Western Union Money Order or Check!

Shipping & Handling: I usually ship order via First Class or Flat Rate Priority. Will provide additional services upon request. For US buyer, tracking number is offered with an additional $1.00(package) or $2.80(letter) , which let you track your package online at usps.com or at the P.O.
*I won't be able to help nor can be responsible for item posted without extra services.

How to Order: Comment or Email with your order item(s), location(country, zipcode if applicable), choice of payment(CC or nonCC for Paypal user) and shipping method so I can give you your total.

Order Status: @ this post

Please Note: I'm not particularly patient about lack of response, if an email/comment is left unanswered for 3 days, I will automatically assume you're forfeiting the buy, and the item will go straight to the next potential buyer. Thanks :)

Wish List :: At Least in great condition, preferrably mint
Doujinshi :: that's tough luck; nitro koutetsu; ←i want this bad bad bad badly.
Doujinshi :: yasashiku shinaide3; komeya
Doujinshi :: kugatsu no bara; e-plus
Doujinshi :: anything Fujino Akitsugu waterboys, ping pong

To the Order Page:

JE Magazine / Cut Out / Mini Posters / Photos

Doujinshi / Gintana, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter, PoT

Other / Goong DVD / J-Drama, CD, / Movie DVD


Tags: doujinshi, idols: johnny's, music: jpop, music: kpop
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