xinester (xinester) wrote in garagesalejapan,

yaoi, shoujo manga for sale

All manga/comics are in English!

Scott Pilgrim vol 1 $5
Dramacon vol 3 $5
Chrono Crusade vol 1 $4 (there are 6 color pages in this! also, this manga was given to me brand-new as a gift, but came with some brown marks on a few interior pages; they are all readable though)
Dororo vol 1 - Osamu Tezuka $9

Spring Fever - Yugi Yamada $6
Challengers vol 1 - Hinako Takanaga $6
You & Harujion - Keiko Kinoshita $7
Earthian 1-4 (complete) - Yun Kouga, author of Loveless $35 (retail: $15 ea, 60$ total)

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations for Nintendo DS, STILL IN SHRINKWRAP, brand new $21

ImagineFX FANTASY ART Exhibition VOL 2 (more info here) $25

And for $1, get a random CD with no added shipping cost 8D

Shipping in the US via media mail will be
$3 for one book
$5 for 2-4 books
and I can go look up more specific quotes for any quantities larger than that.
If this needs to be shipped internationally, I can also look up better price quotes.
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