Rosebud (rozebudo) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Huge An Cafe & JRock Magazine Sale!

I have some things in store for those who are An Cafe fans and for other JRock fans. If you're an An Cafe fan, and you want rare An Cafe items only found it Japan, proceede! Be sure to read over the rules.

If you look at my livejournal I am also selling some alice nine. items. If you are an alice nine. fan, please take a look.

I am selling magazine in that store, but some magazines have special 10+ page with posters, such as the Gazette, Nightmare, alice nine, etc.. I am asking anywhere from $10-$20, but that depends on the magazine you're asking for.

I ask for paypal (you must include the transaction fee), but I hate to turn down potential customers. I'll accept concealed cash at your own risk, but don't expect me to give you a refund if it gets lost or stolen and doesn't reach me. I'll also accept money orders and cashier checks. But I prefer paypal. I do not accept trades & cancelations. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. The magazines are as good as new. Cancelations are not accepted once an item is reserved for you.

I am also selling a signed Thee Mods Out CD for $18.

A Gazette pin for $2.50

Tags: magazines, music: jrock
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