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[SELLING] The GazettE - Tour Finale Posters, Aoi Photo Set, Ruki cellphone keyring.

The GazettE

RUKI - Cellphone keyring! + Free Jrock flyers!

AOI photo set (including old photos).

POSTERS - Pulse Wriggling To Black TOUR FINALE (Repeated Countless Error).

Postage & Handling (worldwide) All items are sent from Tokyo, Japan:

Photo set & keyring - US$5.00.
Posters - US$15

Please leave comments at the bottom of post if interested. ^.^

Ruki kanji cellphone keychain.
+ Free Jrock Flyers!

Aoi photo set (including old photos)

POSTERS - Pulse Wriggling To Black Tour.

Tour Finale (Repeated Countless Error)
US$25 each.
If buying 3+ US$22 each.

(please note: each poster is slightly bigger than A3 and smaller than A2.)

Paypal accepted.

**US/CANADA & EUROPE: ALL ITEMS ARE SENT VIA REGULAR AIR MAIL (no tracking sorry), AND WILL TAKE 7-10 WORKING DAYS TO ARRIVE. EMS is not available, if you wish your able to purchase insurance to cover in the event of any loss or damages.

**All sales/auctions are final. I am not responsible for any damages incurred due to the postage, however, i do package all my items carefully and protect them from any possible postal damage, all of my items shipped are detailed correctly *_*. If you feel you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact me directly! Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Many thanks!! ^_^


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