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JE Magazines and Arashi things for sale!


Hi everyone. I have a bunch of things for sale on my LJ, so please come take a look! I mostly have JE magazines for sale, but there are also a few random Arashi, Nintendo DS and Sailor Moon things, so if you’re interested, please refer to the links below.

I also take special orders for recent magazines/books/CDs, so let me know if there is anything you would like ^_^

Quick Links to sales:                                                                                                                                      
Arashi things (Freestyle, 2007-2008 calendar): http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/2853.html
JE CDs (Arashi):  http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/2316.html
Japanese magazines: http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/2264.html
Sailor Moon (Sailor Mars doll, manga): http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/1812.html
Nintendo DS games: http://pililiaki.livejournal.com/3292.html

Feedback can be found at my LJ
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