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I battled the crowd *right after* the concert at AX back in '07 to get this shirt. Size Large - can fit up to "47 bust and "43 waist; can go a little more if you're comfortable in skin [LOL] tight shirts, but I'd advise against it; you'd probably be a bit more comfortable at "40/"40 and lower.

Sorry for the shit-taciular pictures. My camera's memory card loves to freeze my Finder, so I have to use my cell phone. :/

Only worn 2 or 3 times grand total, but in exelcent condition - still pitch black like the day I bought it and no stains I'm aware of. I have cats, but no smoke has been around it.

The "S.K.I.N." logo on the front is a bit off kilter, but that's a printing issue and nothing I did.

Free pins with purchase! Two dollar value, free! :3


I'm asking $30 [Includes shipping inside USA]/OBO
I have received a $20 offer so far, but I'm looking to see if I can at least get my asking price.
Feel free to make me an offer, just please be reasonable! I will consider trades for Versailles items only.


-Serious buyers only please-
-I prefer PayPal and you handle any fees if there are any [talk to me if PP is an issue]-
-I can ship in 3 days once I receive payment-
-I'd prefer not to hold, but if so I will hold for 1 week and you must deposit at least 1/2 the payment-


-Comment here-
-email: jasmine_you@tmail.com -

This has been x-posted to dears.

-Thank You!-

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