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30 October 2008 @ 11:06 am
CDs For Sale!  
So, in semi-desperate need of funds for the upcoming holidays because my hours at work just got slashed to basically nothing, I am selling some of my JPop and soundtrack CDs.

All singles are the CD only version and everything has only been played once.

All prices are listed in USD, I do ship internationally, and shipping is $6USD. I also take offers!

CDs for Sale:

Cutie Honey the Live OST: $15
My Story single from Puffy/Puffy AmiYumi: $7
Supernova mini album from Tetra-Fang: $11
Circle of Life (Kamen Rider Kiva movie single- 1986 version from Crimson-Fang): $7
Sora Uta single from alan: $7
Morning Musume All Singles Complete limited edition with DVD (region two): $21
Best Fiction album from Namie Amuro: $20

Please contact me via comments, LJ messaging or at my emal: amazonstorm@gmail.com.

Happy Shopping!
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