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Tons of new items for sale! Doujins, Sanrio, Clothes, Decora +

Between clearing out closets and getting my Etsy up and running I've got a ton of things up for sale.

The following is a link to my Etsy which has Decora esque jewelry and will soon be flooded with various styles, cell phone charms, bags, arms warmers, Amigurumi and much more! I also take custom orders <3

Follow This to my Selling Journal.

Sanrio Products

Under the cut are some random clothing items - Bodice, Jackets, Fishnet shirt
Rumik World Figures(Inuyasha, Lum, Maison Ikoku)
Posters - Gurren Laggan & X 1999
Tenchi Muyo Figures
Temp Tattoos
Children's Ceramic Tea Set
SAILOR MOON COSPLAY ITEMS - Tiara, Jupiter Belt, Mars gemstone

All prices are tentative, please feel free to make an offer!

If you have any questions just ask and thanks for looking!


X 1999 Poster - $2.00

New York Anime Festival Promotional Poster, 2 of them featuring Gurren Lagann Chars - $3.00

Rumic World Gashopan:

Each Figure is $8      

Tenchi Myu Figures - $4              

Temporary Tattoos - $1 a sheet   

Suede Jacket (I know, this is incredibly random. It belonged to my biological mother and I kept it for sentimental reasons but the fact is I just don't like it lol.

This jacket is in incredibly good condition and is extremely warm. Great for anyone who likes early 90s fashion.

$30 or best offer.           

This jacket was originally bought to be transformed into a Gryffindor Qudditch Jacket however I just never got around to doing it. The colors for it however are perfect and where the star is would be great to put a house patch.

Gryffindor esque Jacket, worn only to try on - $15 or best offer  

Unisex Fishnet shirt, Size Medium (keep in mind that fishnet both stretches and contracts) Worn only once to try on.

$10 or best offer. 


Women's Halter Bodice, worn only to try on. Size Small - $20 or best offer.

Just doesn't fit me right but does amazing work for "the girls" 


The rose rings are one size fits all, adjustable metal. The metal is solid and I'm told it won't tarnish. Absolutely GORGEROUS, the pics don't do them justice. Amazing with a lolita outfit.

The other rings are individually painted and made of lucite. The sizes vary from roughly a woman's 5 - woman's 9. Most range in the 7 area. Unfortunately I have no way to give an exact size but I can wear any of them, just have to change fingers sometimes.

All rings are $5 or 2 for $8


This tea set is absolutely precious. Safe to eat and drink from and has only been taken out for these pictures. Comes with everything shown: Small tea pot, 4 chinese tea cups, 4 plates, straw mat and comes inside of the steaming basket. Like the picture says, perfect for that little otaku. Would make a great holiday gift.

$12 or best offer.   


Last but not least is this lot of Sailor Moon cosplay items. Included is Sailor Jupiter's Rose Belt. The Gem on Sailor Mars' skirt and Sailor Moon's tiara, pale pink gemstone.

I bought these items from another person on GarageSale but they weren't quite what I wanted. I'm looking to break even so I'll sell all of the items for $16 shipped. The tiara is a little bent on one end but anyone with a bit of skill should be able to pound it back to flat. I believe the tiara is one made by Catzia, you'd normally pay $19.99 before shipping for JUST the tiara. Great for cosplay.




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