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lots of old series! VHSs and DVDs. MUST SELL!!!

I have lots of old series for sale! All very cheap. All VHSs $2 unless noted other wise. All DVDs $7 unless noted. All are in pretty good condition. I must sell these! Very Urgent

And Baby, the Stars Shine Bright shoes (white in LL), Baby cutsew skirt, Metamophose socks, and Yahoo!Japan false nails.
*Cardcaptor Sakura - volume 1 and 2 SUBTITLED
*Tenchi Muyo collection - episode #77 and Mihoshi special SUBTITLED
*Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust - not sure if it is a dub or sub (I never have played it)
*Dragon Ball Z History of Trunks - not sure but probably dub
*Silent Mobius - volume 1 and 2 DUB; 3-7 SUBTITLED
* Ranma 1/2 - Buns of Steal, Battle Foile Gras, and 3 Girls, a guy, and a (Japanese) pizza place - DUB
*Saint Tail - volume 1 and 2 DUB
*Fushigi Yugi - episode 31-33 & 40-42 SUBTITLE and episode 46-48 DUB
*Neon Genisis Evangelion - volume 1-5 DUB and volume 6-7 SUBTITLE
* Sailor Moon R - SUB
*Sailor Moon SS - SUB
*Rayearth (Magic Knight Rayearth OVA)- 1-3 DUB
*Magic Knight Rayearth - 1 and 3-5 DUB, volume 2 SUB
*Magic Knight Rayearth2 - volume 2-7 DUB

*Yu Yu Hakusho - voulme 1
*Rurouni Kenshin - volume 1
*Saiyuki - volume 1-4
*Ceres - volume 1-3
*I My me Strawberry Egg! - volume 1-4
*Fruits Basket - 1-4 (I have two of volume 3)
*Descendants of Darkness - volume 1, 3, and 4
*Princess Mononoke
*Kodocha - volume 1
*Spririted Away
*A Little Snow Fairy Sugar - voulme 1 (box set)
*Fushigi Yugi - season 1 and 2 (season 2 is missing the jacket) -$50each
*Fushigi Yugi OVA - 1 and 2 (the black one is missing the cover) -$25 each
*Ranma 1/2 - season 1 - $50
*Doggy Poo (korean movie. Sooo cute!)
*Cosplay encyclopedia
* Cardcaptor Sakura - volume 3, 5-7
* Cardcaptor Sakura - first movie I belive
* Sailor Moon S - SOLD

-I accept paypal only
-all shipping will be mailed with USPS Priority Mail flat rate boxes in the US. Please ask if you are outside the US and I will cauculate it ^_^
- 1-9 VHSs $9.60
- 1-16 DVDs $9.60
- 10-17 VHSs $12.95
- 17-24 DVDs $12.95
-I will give small discounts if you order a lot ^_^

Pictures: - Magic Knight Rayearth 1, 2, and OVAs - Silent Mobius, CCS, Tenchi Muyo, Vampire Hunter D, and Fushigi Yugi - Saint Tail, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, and DBZ - I My Me Strawberry Eggs, Ceres, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Saiyuki, Fruits Basket, Descendants of Darkness, Kodocha, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away (a bit cut off >o<) - Fushigi Yugi OVAs, and season 1 and 2, Sugar, Ranma 1/2, Cosplay encylopedia, FLCL, and Doggy Poo - CCS and Sailor Moon

First off! Baby white shoes in LL. I belive these are leather (orginaly they were over $200) I bought these in Japan a year ago and I have never worn them. The box is long gone and the tag was taken off in the store. I have another pair and pink and they are very comfortable!
-$170 + $12.95 shipping and paypal fees (please ask for international shipping)


a tiny scuff on the right shoe


Baby cutsew skirt. I bought this a few years ago and I have never worn it. Its made out of a cute light weight jersey fabric. It has a slight pattern of cherries.
length: 45cm
-$58 + $9.80 (please ask for international shipping) +paypal fees

Yahoo!Japan false nails. They are pretty long but very cute!!
-$20 + $3 for shipping $7 for internatinal (priority mail) + paypal fees

Metamorphose marine socks. I got these with the special set. I have never worn these! They are so cute~
-$20 + $3 for shipping $7 for internatinal (priority mail) + paypal fees


phew! Thank you for looking! If you have any questions please ask or if I have forgotten anything tell me!
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