M.E. (mysticeden) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Video Games for Sale!

Video Games

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney $15 SOLD

Phoenix Wright Justice For All $15

Sonic Chronicles Barely Used $25 SOLD

Nintendo DS Lite Browser barely used $24 SOLD

Final Fantasy V NEW never used $15

Furu Furu Park New only used once $20

Prince of Persia Battles $7

Additional Electronics (both barely used)
Wireless Card $13
Wireless Adaptor $20

Also is anyone interested in Nintendo Power Magazines or Game Informer? I'm just looking to get rid of them so you'd only have to pay shipping. Let me know if you are interested and I'll write or take a pic of which ones I have. I also have some computer game and video game developer magazines.

EDIT: Some updates with sales. I also have:

a new version of Children of Mana (DS) Japanese version
Wanders of Ys III for the SNES

I also have the complete set of Chobits manga. I want to sell it as a set. anyone interested?
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