Sarah the crab (sarah_the_crab) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Sarah the crab

Jpop & More for Sale

Added a ton of new CDs at starlike_stereo.

Artists include → Angela Aki, Ayumi Hamasaki, DBSK, dream, Hitomi Yaida, Koda Kumi, Mika Nakashima, Nobuchika Eri, the brilliant green, tommy february6, Anna Tsuchiya, BoA, Utada Hikaru, Hitomi Shimatani, Hitomi Takahashi, Mean Machine, Misia, Shiina Ringo, speena, THe Back Horn, Yellow Generation, Namie Amuro, Chara, Rie Fu, kotringo, Bonnie Pink, Kuraki Mai, Nagase Miyu, Shimokawa Mikuni, Nami Tamaki, Fayray, Cocco, Hi-Standard, day after tomorrow, Base Ball Bear, Jinn, Art-School and more...

Please visit starlike_stereo or go directly to the sales post!
Tags: music: jpop, music: other
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