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Manga and figures for sale

Money has been really tight and I've been doing a lot of cleaning lately and have decided to clear away book shelf space! So a bunch of my manga need to go as well as some figures!

I'll ship anywhere as long as you don't mind paying for the postage.
Also the more you want the bigger discount I can give you.

Please note all of the manga are in mint condition, no split bindings or damage other than possible wear at the top or bottom corner from moving.


Kodomo no omocha vol 1-3 (4 is on hold)
Sarai Battle Maids vol 1-4
Ah My Goddess! Vol 1
Peach Girl original release vol 1-6
The name of the Moon (Shonen ai, Japanese only)
Dragon Knights vol 1
InuYasha original release vol 5-9 LARGE books ($8.50 each)

*For the most part the boxes have only been opened to see which ones I got. These are all extras of the ones I already bought so

Tales of Phantasia Chester, Arche and Suzu 
If you want all 3 I'll give you a discount on the shipping.
As you'll receive them

What they look like out of the box (sorry mine are a little dusty)

Air Gear Simca Limited girls only collection Cheerleader Figure - (New in box still wrapped)

Tales of the Abyss Ion figure (this one has been opened but everything is still there. Ion is the rare of the set) & Jade Figure (new in wrapping)
Ion (comes with a tiny Mieu cheagle figure) SOLD & Jade

Phoenix Wright Maya figure New in box, still wrapped  

Silly Japanese novelty toys $5 each  (SOLD) 
The how-to images on them are priceless!!

Keroro Gunsou keychain figures

Tales of Legendia Limited preorder lanyard

I can only accept paypal at this time. If you absolutely have no way of using paypal, please note me and we can try to work something out. Thank you!

All items will be shipped via Shipping will be calculated. I'll accept best offers on most everything!


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