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Glay Singles, DVD's and Full Albums

Did some more cleaning and listing (for those of you who missed my last post, here's an updated link: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,10858.0.html )

Now, started hitting up the J-CD's that I have piling over my head, ready to topple down and kill me, haha. I only got this much done, but thers more to come. Figured it would be best to focus on something I have the most of, which just so happens to be GLAY.

Pictures with pricing:

And just so you call can see, heres a main list I just compiled. I have about 5 more CD's from them but the CD's are currently missing so I need to go hunting through some more boxes before I can post them up.

Note: I take paypal and paypal only. I am a verified member and can accept credit cars, debit cards, or just plain ol paypal. All prices are SHIPPED to the UNITED STATES. International buyers, and all buyers in general, PLEASE contact me first via reply here or to animation_101 AT hotmail.com OR via AIM: IronAnimeDude
Like this, you can ask about discounted shipping on multiple items and/or open offers on some items and then I can also give you my paypal addresse for quick and easy  transaction.
All items will be processed between monday-friday and generally takes 1-2 business days to get shipped out (depending on when payment is sent).

Singles: $15 Shipped each
Special Thanks
Way of Difference
Global Communication
"hitohira no *insert kanji, lol*"

Full Albums: $25 Shipped each
Speed Pop
Unity Roots & Family, Away
Pure Soul
One Love

Document of "Beat out!" Tours - $35 Shipped
Dome Tour 2001-2002 " $45 Shipped
Glay Expo 2001- $50 Shipped
Glay Expo 1999 - SURVIVAL - $50 Shipped

Misc. HK DVD's/ CD's- $10 shipped

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