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Angel's Garage Sale

Sailor Moon Gashapon and Atsuko Nakajima Art book

More duplicates and figures that just need more love than what they're getting here. Plus a couple of left overs from last time :) Once again I can only accept Paypal atm and no trades :( I now need to start pooling my resources for some gifts for some very picky people and I forgot (like an ass), that I owe someone money, so........yeah. *sweat drop*

- Ami in PJ's PENDING
- Miko Rei SOLD
- Swimsuit Ami SOLD
- Swimsuit Mako-chan SOLD
- Mistress 9 SOLD
- Korean Mars Petite figure
- Super Chibimoon finger puppet
- Christmas Chibiusa Magnet
- Atsuko Nakajima 'Tsuya' Art book

These prices do not include shipping, but I am very fair with my shipping prices if I do say so myself %D I will ship anywhere in the world as long as you agree to pay for the shipping and junk. I of course also combine shipping.

I bought all of these figures second hand, which means I was not the original owner. All of them are in fantastic condition though. I'm also a neat freak so they are all clean and dust free. The only one that has an imperfection worth mentioning is Miko Rei. On the right side of her hair, down towards some of the tips there's a small spot where some of the paint has worn/chipped off but it's very small and not noticeable at all unless you decided to specifically start examining her for it :P.

Ami PJ's - $3.00 PENDING
Swimsuit Ami - $3.00 SOLD
Miko Rei SOLD
Swimsuit Mako-chan - $6.00 SOLD
Mistress 9 - $9.00 SOLD

Super Chibimoon finger puppet. Great condition, official and I already have one xD So this cute little doppelganger needs a new homestead %D $2.50

Christmas Chibiusa magnet → $3.00 + shipping (once again, it's tiny, shipping will be super cheap)
Cute little magnet that needs a new home. Good condition, it's just that Chibiusa isn't my favorite and I don't plan on collecting this whole set anyway so....yeah xD

Official Sailor Mars Bandai Korea Petite Figure → $8.00 shipped
She has everything she came with, including her card, I just stupidly forgot to put it in the picture -__-;; Her stand has a few scratches but nothing major, and you can't see them anyway unless you were standing right above her. Great condition overall. She just needs a better and more loving home :P

Atsuko Nakajima Tsuya(Style) Artbook - Best Offers. Open to most any reasonable offers :)
Pages inside are near mint, and there's only minor wear. The outside is in fantastic condition as well, just very minor wear. I baby my art books xD

It's heavy, and about 111 pages front to back. It has beautiful artwork from, Get Backers, You're Under Arrest, Peacemaker Kurogane, a few from King of Bandits Jing, and few other random ones that I'm not 100% sure of :P

*Also wanted to let everyone know that anyone who ordered from me last time and who hasn't gotten there things, I had a bit of a delay getting things shipped, BUT EVERYTHING WAS SHIPPED, and I know a few of your have already gotten your packages. Just a heads up if you haven't gotten yours. Everything was shipped out First Class with delivery confirmation, and for the two of you who bought from me out of the US, your stuff was sent with International First Class.*
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