krullerkavern (krullerkavern) wrote in garagesalejapan,

CDs somehow seems like people wouldn't want my old stuff XD. But I thought I would post here anyway just in case. I would sell:

Kagrra - Miyako. Pretty good condition and stuff. I took the boolet out like...twice. A few scratches on the case though

Glay - Beloved. The case is scratched as old cases get but the CD is good.

Dir en Grey - Kisou. Ummm...I kind of accidentally stepped on it at one point (>_>) so there's a big crack on the front of the case. BUT!!! If anyone showed interest in it I'd transfer it into a new case ^^ (just plain clear plastic case)

Dir en Grey - Vulgar. Case same as Glay CD. This one...the CD has some scratches on due to some mysterious unknown something but I've listened to it many times and haven't noticed any problems with how it plays.

Gackt - Crescent. I...admittedly can't find it right now -_- But it's around here somewhere. The condition should be fine..unless I stepped on it too >_>

Also! ...Moi dix Mois Nocturnal Opera poster? It's big and has little holes in the corners from the....what are they called? Things that I used to put it up on the wall...I swear I tried tape but it kept falling on me when I wasn't looking >_>

Prices would be um...less than how much they'd cost buying them new? I dunno. However much you want if it's reasonable I guess. Like more than $0.10 and less than $20 *lol* I also can only take cash or money order. I am in US.

Anyway, just in case anyone is interested ^^
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