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Anime relist (reduced prices):

1. X/1999 - English manga, volumes 1-15, $5 each, $80 for the set (I'll throw in the Japanese manga for free if you buy the set) (retails at $9.99 each)
2. Shaman King - English manga, volumes 1-4, $5 each, $20 for the set
3. Angel Sanctuary - English manga, volume 3, $5
4. X/1999 - Japanese manga, volume 1 - $6

1. Wolf's Rain DVD 1 (episodes 1-5) - $12 (bought for $24.99) - no scratches, viewed once
2. Outlaw Star complete series DVDs (individual DVDs) - $12 each, or $32 for the whole set - mint condition

1. Rurouni Kenshin OAVs 1 (Trust) and 2 (Betrayal) VHS: $8 for the set. (The box for the first OAV is a little beat up, the second box is mint condition - tapes play perfectly)
2. Record of Lodoss War complete series VHS (episodes 1-27) - the boxes are in good condition (a little beat up on the edges only) - $20 for the whole set (9 VHS)
3. Vision of Escaflowne Episodes 1-4 VHS - $5 - box and tape are in excellent condition
4. Magic Knight Rayearth 1 Collector's Box - $25 - the box and all of the VHS tapes are in excellent condition.

Naruto resin Kunai knife, resin shuriken, leaf village headband, pouch, Sasuke glove - $40: S&H should be less than $8 because it's all pretty lightweight

Sanrio: Chi Chai Monchan coin purse - $5 - tags still attached.
Sanrio: Hello Kitty blue stand up travel alarm clock and radio - $8 - excellent condition

Need pictures or are interested, shoot me over an email at or just leave a comment.

Thanks for looking!

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