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You know you want to...

I can accept basically any type of payment you want to give me - Paypal, credit card Paypal, money order, check, concealed cash.

Shipping is not included in prices, but I promise it will not be high. Things will most likely by shipped by media mail unless you request otherwise. I will ship internationally (I'm in the US), but be prepared to pay possibly high prices if you're not in Canada.

If you want an item, please leave a comment or email me at Dynamint at livejournal with "livejournal" in the subject line. I'll go by chronology rather than asking for higher offers if more than one person wants an item. If you find a price too high, please let me know. I probably won't accept trades, but you can try me.

Pictures for anything are available on request

DVDs: all in excellent shape

Animatrix (with CD) $10
Sailor Victory $5
Tenchi Forever $5
Elf Princess Rane $5

VHS: covers in good shape, tapes probably play fine but I haven't watched them in forever, so..
$1 each

A Wind Named Amnesia
Rayearth season 1
SMS movie

Gundam the movie 1-3
Gundam Wing 1-3
Mysterious Play 1, 3-8, OAV 1-3
Tenchi Muyo

English manga $3 unless noted otherwise; new condition

Crayon Shin-chan 1
Flame of Recca 1-2
Negima 1
Rayearth 2 art book (hardcover)
Ranma ½ 1, 12, 13, 14, 18 (old bigger size), 22-27 (new smaller size) $2 each
Rumic Theater
Rumic World trilogy 1, 2
Slam Dunk 1
Trigun 1
Trigun Maximum 1
Tsubasa 1
Wish 1

Japanese manga $3

Ayashi no Ceres 1-14 ($45 for the set)
Mint na Bokura 1
Crayon Shin-chan 7
Obatarian 2
Ranma 1/2 8, 20 (slightly used)
To Heart (I believe it’s the 1st volume)
まじかるアンティーク (Magical Antique) 1
彼方から (kanata? kara) 1-2
Romance no Kobako(slightly used) Nakayoshi furoku
風雲三姉妹Lin3 (Fuun San Shimai) 1


Newtype (Japanese) March 2004 with all furoku (poster, postcards, FMA sticker book) $3
W Juliet origami paper, unopened (2) $.50 each
Dear Mine letter set, unopened $.50
Hana to Yume 2001 Summer Calendar $1
Little Shippo plushie MIB $4
Chobits 2003 desk calendar $2
Hikaru no Go 2004 hanging calendar $2
Inuyasha wallscroll $5
M to N no Sekai notebook (?) furoku from Hana to Yume 2001 $2
Roadside Angel clear file $1

Also, I have some TokyoPop and Shonen Jump manga preview samplers that I'll toss in free if you request.
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