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After discussing it with my gf, and after the overwhelming response to my backpack, I've decided to do some commission work. I work 4 days a week, and as a result, have free time on my hands. The Sailor Jupiter backpack I painted today, took me about 5 hours from start to finish. First, here's the finished backpack that I came up with today:

Also, here's what started it all, a license plate I painted for my gf's car last week:

I'm going to put the details of what I'm offering behind an lj-cut, the basics are, you choose, I paint, you enjoy :). Keep in mind that this is not limited to only Sailormoon things, I can basically do anything. Tonight I'll have my portfolio back and can take some more picures.

Thats the closeup of what I've done. Ugh, I kinda wish now that the backpack hadn't been through the ringer a few times, I actually like it now :)

I did a lot of thinking today while I painted. I had about 10-15 Instant messages, emails, and comments, asking me how much it would be to do something for them. Since I'm trying to save up to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring, I figured this was the oppurtunity I needed.

What am I offering?
Messenger Bags
Laptop Cases
Duffel Bags
Mini Backpacks
License Plates
Leather Jacket
Custom work

Messenger Bags/Laptop Bags
I can supply it for you, or you can supply it yourself. If I'm supplying it for you, you can either purchase it online and have it shipped to me to paint, or have me purchase it. You choose everything, color of the bag, etc. If I buy the bag myself, I only charge you for the bag + shipping + custom work, I'm not going to overcharge anyone and gouge prices.. Here's an idea of what I can get for messenger bags:

These are an example of what is available online and are all unde 20$.
Prices start at 50.00 for a Messenger Bag/Laptop Case + the cost of the bag, or you can provide your own.

Same as above. You can either provide your own, or get a new one.
Prices start at 50.00 for a Backpack.

Duffel Bags
Same as above. You can either provide your own, or get a new one.
Prices start at 50.00 for a Duffel Bag.

Mini Backpacks
These are the CUTEST and make great purses/lunchbags
These come in a BOATLOAD of different colors but here's here example:

License Plates
Prices start at 25.00

Leather Jacket
You provide your own jacket. Prices vary

Custom Work
Anything that can be painted on, I can paint. Anything you want painted (sailormoon, other anime characters, etc) can be done. Custom work is based upon the level of detail, size of piece, etc. Don't be afraid to ask :)

The small print:
All artwork is painted using high quality acrylic paints and sealed to last. When painted on fabrics, acrylic paints do not chip off. All payments are probably going to be handled under Paypal or Money Order.

If you'd like any more information, a price quote, or to order something, Email me at spellbound@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone :)

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