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in search of something fairly specific, but not overly so :D

i want a messenger bag sort of thing... with a REALLY long strap, and possibly a pocket for a cellphone. lots of space inside = a wonderful thing. :)

the only thing is... i REALLY want some anime themed one. series isn't so important. heck, even something sanrio. :) it needs to be HUGE, cuz i carry my sketchpad and drawing stuff with me at all times, including what normal people carry in their purses, too.

i've looked around on ebay, and haven't found anything that really strikes me. or it's not the kind of purse i want... though i have found some designs i want ;_; sigh.

if anyone has anything like this for sale, let me know? i have paypal, and could do money orders from canada. :) looking for under $40CDN (including s&h, if possible x_x) but if it's something i JUST NEEEEEEED to have, i might be swayed to pay more.

thanks! :D
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