___tsukiyomi x cet (___tsukiyomi) wrote in garagesalejapan,
___tsukiyomi x cet

Dvds anyone?

I've got a few things up for sale on dvd. All these dvds, are region 0 ones, and they come without 'boxset' cases, but they would be posted in cd cases to protect them etc :] I have the following;

Yami No Matsuei / Descendants Of Darkness - Complete on 2 or 3 discs. Can't remember ^^;

Witch Hunter Robin - Complete on 4 discs.

& Mirage Of Blaze VCD - Episodes 1-6 of 13.

I'm in the UK so shipping would be a bit more, but I'm not looking for all that much really. And I'll accept paypal only, unless your in the UK :]

Please let me know if your interested! ^_^
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