Shannon (_chaitea) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hey everyone, I have some anime action figures and whatnot up for sale, take a look!

Complete set of Cowboy Bebop figures, all in like new condition. I bought these at Katsucon for $30
I'm willing to let them for $15 *not including shipping

2 Spike Spiegel figures, the one in the back is missing the stand, both are in like new condition

leisure suit Spike- $9
trench coat Spike- $7

Sakura and Lei from Carcpator Sakura. Both have original stand and are in perfect condition.
$6 each

Sailor Moon doll, from Russia.
in like new condtion

Clow book from Cardcaptor Sakura, in like new condition, contaisn ALL cards.
$10 shipped (heavy)

Cowboy Bebop wall scroll, bought at Katsucon for $30
missing one on the black caps.
willing to let this go for $25 shipped OBO

Sirius Black wanted poster from Harry Potter, brand new in package
$9 shipped, it will have to go in one of those tubes

email: if interested.
or comment here, thanks!

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