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Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuuig, Ayashi no Ceres, X, Card Captor Sakura Trading cards for sale!

Holiday sale!! My trading card singles and Shitajiki are all on sale!! 

    However, anyone that wants the discount is going to have to mention in the headder of their message: "Trading Card collection Shopping Madness sale!" You will get 20% off your order!! Orders for this sale will need to be $10 or more with single card orders. You may buy complete sets but they do not count towards your discount as they are not on sale.  

     On the same note I have a sale on my Shitajiki section for the holiday at up to 20% off as well. Orders over $10 are the minimum to get this promotion.
Shitajiki orders over $10 -10% off
Shtajiki orders over $50- 15% off
Shitajiki orders over $100- 20% off

To see my update on extras please follow the link below to my LJ account!
Shitajiki site -->
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