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Jrock Mag goodness

I have so many @_@

1. January 2004 issue of "Zappy", which is a Japanese music magazine focusing mainly on JRock music with a little bit of pop and R&B

This issue features Gackt, L'arc en ciel, an extensive interview with Pierrot and coverage of the Dir en Grey Tour (Vulgar Shudder I think)

Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4

2. April 2004 issue of "Zappy"

The cover is unfortunately a little dirty due to a friend's textbook staining it ;_; BUT that doesn't affect the inside at all.

This issue features Glay, an extensive Gackt feature
and a Dir en Grey article + many more.

3. October 2003 "Pati-Pati" Gackt Special

Just lots of Gackty Goodness (3 photoshoots worth X3) +more

4. January 2004 "Arena37C" Gackt Special

More Gackty Goodness, a Miyavi featurette and a Pierrot interview +more

Zappy Magazine $10, Gackt special mags $15 each
Shipping will be an estimate of $5-$8 depending on location
Prices in USD
Paypal HIGHLY preffered or else concealed cash at your own risk in a greeting card (or whatnot) to Australia (hence my preference for paypal)

Please comment with email if interested!

Attention sunkyung and saku_teiki you both commented on my post here but never replied afterwards. Please comment here if still interested!


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