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04 June 2005 @ 08:32 pm
stuff for sale.  
In order to earn money for a new doll obsession of mine, I'm selling a ton of stuff. Pictures are on my personal journal on this post. My ebay feedback is here. I will accept money order, paypal, and well-concealed cash. Please comment on my journal post if you want anything so I have everything in the same place.

List of what I'm selling:

Chobits, DNAngel, God Child, Love Hina, Prince of Tennis, X, XXXHolic shitajiki (pencilboards)
Hana to Yume extras for HanaKimi, Fruits Basket, Hitsuji no Namida W Juliet (from 2002, 2003. came with the phonebooks)
Felt panda hat.
Yuzuki bottle mascot.
Digital Art magazines.
Prince of Tennis doujinshi.
13 Prismacolor Markers.
Fruits Basket washcloth.
Mr. Full Swing Notebook.
Volumes 1-4 of Samurai Deeper Kyo (english).
Volumes 1-4 of Peach Girl (english).
Volume 2 of Fruits Basket (japanese).
Volume 1 of Diamond Century (japanese).
Volumes 1-2 of Penguin Brothers (japanese).
Volumes 1-4 of Prince of Tennis (japanese).
Sanrio, San-X, etc. stationery.

my email is ieatboys[AT]gmail.com and my aim is emokid eater if you have any questions.

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