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UPDATED: added more clothes, wallscroll and other stuff

Selling the following:


-Dragonball Z Wallscroll - $5 [PIC][missing bottom endcaps]
-Yuugioh Wallscroll - $6 [PIC]


-Gravitation manga Vol. 1 (English) MINT - $5 [PIC]

-Ranma 1/2 manga Vol. 17 (English) MINT - $5 [PIC]

-Chobits manga Vol.3 (English) MINT - $5

-Shonen Jump Jan and April 2003 Issue (English) - $1 each


-Metroid Prime for Gamecube - $10 [PIC] [Disc is in good condition, cover is kinda used up]

-Nintendo 64 System (comes with one controller, the front logo has a crack but the system works perfectly fine.) - $20

-Paper Mario for N64 - $7


-Dragonball Z Dubbed Edited and Uncut VHS (English)- $5 each [PIC]
Titles: Z Warriors Prepare [edited] ep. 109-110
Androids Invasion [edited] ep. 111-114
Androids Assassins [uncut] ep. 118-120
Androids Invincible [uncut] ep. 121-124

-Sailor Moon Super S Uncut Movie (Japanese with English Subtitles)VHS - $10

-"X" VHS(English) - $5

-Fushigi Yuugi/Mysterious Play VHS(English): The Quest for the Shinzaho Ep 34 to 36 - $5


DBZ Figurines - $2 each - [PIC]
Gokou, Gogeta, Bardock, SSJ Gokou, Saiyaman, SSJ Teen Gohan, Raditzu, Angel SSJ3 Gokou, Kuririn, SSJ Movie 3 Trunks, Tapion looking kid..argh, forgot his name(x.x), little Goten and little Trunks.

DBZ Chibi Figurines - $1 for each except Big SD Trunks is $2 - [PIC]
chibi Juuhachigou, Juunanagou, big chibi mirai Trunks(XD), chibi SSJ Gohan

American Books

-A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness by Dave Pelzer [MINT]- $5

-Bart Simpson's Guide to Life: A Wee Handbook for the Perplexed (Really funny book) [MINT] - $8


-Purple Tinkerbell Bag - $7 - [PIC] velcro opening, has pockets inside for cellphone and cards also a zipper pocket. Measurement: 12 inches width, 9 1/2 inches length.

-pink tinted framed glasses - $3 [PIC]

If any of you are interested in the other items with no pics, tell me and I can send you the pics of them. I didn't have time to take pics of everything I have.

I'm also selling -used- clothes from hot topic for real cheap. They are -washed- and come from a smoke/pet free home.

because my camera hates me right now and only took a few pics. m(_ _)m

Style: short sleeved top
Brand: Sanrio Collection
Size: M/L
Price: $5

"Only My Cat Understands Me"
Style: T-shirt
Brand: Acme Shirt Co.
Size: M
Price: $5

"Somebody Needs a Hug"
Style: short sleeved top
Size: M
Price: $5

"Sweet Poison"
Style: short sleeved top
Brand: FINE
Size: M
Price: $5

Style: T-shirt
Size: M/L
Price: $5

Style: short sleeved top
Size: M/L
Price: $5
Status: -PENDING-

Style: short sleeved top
Size: M
Price: $5

"Kicked Out of Summer Camp"
Style: tie up spagetti strap top
Brand: FINE
Size: M
Price: $5

Style: short sleeved top
Brand: Lucky 13 Apparrel
Size: L
Price: $5

-UPDATED with more used clothes-

Bondage Straps Mini Skirt by TRIPP nyc - Size XS - $7 [PIC]
Mini bondage cargo skirt with pockets on the side.

Long Denim Zipper Skirt by MACGIRL - Size 1 - $10 - [PIC]
this skirt has pink seams and zippers on the side with a slit opening on the bottom back. Cute!

Black Capri Pants by Dickies - Size 3 - $7 - [PIC]
simple black dickies capris

Kikwear pants by Kik Girl - Size 3 - $7 - [PIC]
Kikwear pants with red seams and adjustable waist. Also has velcro and button opening cargo pockets on the bottom side. Lets not forget the Kikgirl logo on the corner rear

Kikwear style pants by @Girl - Size 3 - $7 - [PIC]
Kikwear styled pants are made out of 100% polyester and have the @girl logo in blue on the corner rear.

Plaided Purle w/ Blue Bondage Pants by super lowfat - Size 3 - $5 - [PIC]
these bondage pants have zippers all around the front and back. Made out of polyester and rayon. It's been washed alot so it has some tiny peices of lint stuck on.

Plaided Pink w/ Red Orange Bondage Capris by super lowfat - Size 1 - $5 [PIC]
these bondage capri pants have zippers on the back as well as the front. Made out of polyester and rayon. Same goes with these capris, washed alot so theres some lint stuck on.

Shipping is $3.50. Sorry, I only ship in the U.S and Canada. I accept checks, money orders and cash. If anyones interested, leave a comment here with your email. Thanks.

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