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05 June 2005 @ 06:21 am
J-rock for sale x_x  
Malice Mizer
- Bara no Seidou 1st Press - £20/$36 or BEST OFFER.
Obi, [ok condition], and the cover is mint, the disc is VG condition

- Merveilles 1st press - £18/$33 or BEST OFFER.
The edges of the book are worn, but the pages inside are mint condition. The plastic bits that hold the disc in the middle are broke, but the cd doesnt move about unless you stand there waving the book around XD. Disc - VG condition. NO obi

Gackt - Seki Ray £4/$7or BEST OFFER - MINT

Schwarz Stein - Perfect Garden - £10/$18 or BEST OFFER. Case - Mint. CD - VG condition

Dir en grey
- Kasumi - £4/$7 or BEST OFFER. CD - VG condition. Everything else - mint.

Alice Nine - first Mini Album [I dont know the title] 2nd Press - £20/$36 or BEST OFFER disc/booklet/obi MINT condition

As sad as I am to sell this stuff, it MUST go. I am too poor and I need to see Diru again/pay my rent!!!

Payment methods - cash in the post. I'd prefer it in british pounds, but you can send it in euros or dollars if its really a hassle to get pounds. No coins

Im not offering paypal because it charges to much to accept payment [and i'd have to ask you to pay extra for that >>;] and it takes forever for the money to transfer into my account so uhm, yes, cash ^^~

P+P - £1.50 per cd in the UK. For overseas shipping leave a comment and i'll make a trip to the PO for a price~

x-posted to my own lj ^^~
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~**Bunny**~cheerful_bunny on June 5th, 2005 11:07 am (UTC)
Email me, please? ^__^ I'm interested in Bara No Seidou, Seki Ray and Perfect garden ^^
Ozzy_Rocks_Girl@hotmail.com (I live in the UK..hurrah!)