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Make me some offers...

...before I post this stuff on eBay, thought I would give you all first dibs:

~ Peach Girl Manga English volumes 1-8
~ Kenshin Japanese manga volumes 18, 20-25, 28
~ Fruits Basket English manga volumes 1-8
~ Magical Knight Rayearth English manga volumes 1-3
~ Eerie Queerie (Ghost) English manga volumes 1-4 (COMPLETE!)
~ Fushigi Yuugi English volume 1

Anime DVDs
~ Escaflowne US release complete set with special edition movie box set (includes soundtrack)
~ Gravitation import Japanese language, English subtitles (COMPLETE!)
~ Galaxy Angel US release volumes 1-2
~ Ai Yori Aoshi US release COMPLETE box set
~ Video Girl Ai US release (COMPLETE)
~ Steel Angel Kurumi US release COMPLETE DVD set (BONUS! Encore DVD)
~ Gundam Wing Endless Waltz movie US release
~ Tenchi the Movie Tenchi Muyo in Love US realse
~ Neon Genesis Evangelion The End of Evangelion US release
~ .hack/SIGN COMPLETE US release hexagon box set
~ Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar COMPLETE import

Wallscrolls (can be purchased separately)
~ 3 Fushigi Yuugi
~ 3 Rurouni Kenshin
~ Chobits
~ 2 Naruto
~ Fruits Basket
~ Inu Yasha
~ DiGi Charat
~ Ranma 1/2

~ P-Chan (Ryoga) from Ranma 1/2
~ Momiji bunny from Fruits Basket
~ Kirara from Inu Yasha
~ Generic panda bear
~ TY Beanie Baby Mystic the unicorn (2 available)
~ TY Beanie Baby Pegasus
~ Naruto reversable pillow (Sasuke/Sakura & Kakashi/Iruka)

All are part of my personal collection and are in super excellent condition! Trading is ok. If you have any questions or want to see pics of any of the items, please feel free to contact me though email or AIM.

email: himurakenshinshinta [at] yahoo [dot] com
AIM: Spank Me Itachi

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